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Packless Online Tools

The Packless Online Tools are a collection of industry leading web applications providing our customers with high accuracy computer simulation and modeling of Packless coils. To use the Packless Online Tools you must register a free account. Just select any of the tools from below or the menu on the left to begin.

Coil Selection Tool

The Packless Coil Selection Tool can be used to find the Packless coil to meet your needs. This tool allows you to find a condenser, evaporator or water source heat pump (WSHP) coil that most closely matches your requirements and will provide detailed performance predictions of the coils in both heating and cooling applications.

Video Tutorials

These video tutorials will help you make the most out of the Packless Coil Selection Tool. These videos will walk you through how to select a coil for a condenser, evaporator, or reversible heat pump application. We will also go over how to use a compressor and antifreeze.

My Compressors

You can enter the AHRI 540 compressor coefficients provided by your compressor manufacturer to have the Packless coil selection tool match a Packless coil with your compressor without having to specify the flow rate manually.