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Chiller Coil

The Packless CHAX-3250-H can be used as a chiller or refrigerant evaporator in 2 12 ton systems. Packless chiller coils provide efficient heat transfer while minimizing fouling.

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Model CHAX-3250-H
Capacity 2 12 tons
Overall Length 14 78 in
Overall Width 11 916 in
Overall Height 8 58 in
Dimension A (See Drawing) 7 116 in
Dimension B (See Drawing) 10 in
Dimension C (See Drawing) 2 316 in
Refrigerant Inlet Connection 58 in (ID)
Refrigerant Outlet Connection 58 in (ID)
Water Inlet Connection 34 in (OD)
Water Outlet Connection 34 in (OD)
Maximum Refrigerant
Working Pressure
650 psig
Maximum Water
Working Pressure
500 psig