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The Packless LHXR-15 refrigerant heat exchanger transfers heat between the liquid refrigerant line and suction refrigerant line. It is intended for systems with nominal capacity up to 15 horse power.

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Refrigerant Heat Exchanger


Model LHXR-15
Capacity 15 hp
Outer Shell Material Carbon Steel
Inner Tube Material Stainless Steel
Connection Material Copper
Dimension A 78 in (ID)
Dimension B 2 18 in (ID)
Dimension C (Length) 29 12 in
Dimension D 24 in
Dimension E 21 38 in
Dimension F 3 1116 in
Dimension G (Width) 3 18 in
Dimension H (Height) 7 38 in
Dimension J 2 34 in
Dimension K 1 516 in
Dimension L 2 18 in
Maximum Working Pressure 302 psig
Burst Pressure 1510 psig
Paint Black