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Pull-Out Assemblies

Packless pull-out assemblies are designed to facilitate maintenance of compressors without disconnecting them from the air conditioning or refrigeration system. These flexible units consist of red brass tubing covered by a braided bronze shield or stainless steel tubing covered by a braided stainless steel shield.

The most common connector configuration consists of an SAE male flare connector at one end and an SAE female flare swivel of the same size on the other end designated by an "MF" in the model number. Packless also provides configurations consisting of two SAE male flare connectors or two SAE female flare swivels designated by "MM" and "FF" respectively.

Packless offers eight models in brass from 14 in. to 58 in. and six models in stainless steel from 38 in. to 58 in. Both designs are available in lengths from 36 in. to 48 in.

We can also manufacture pull-out assemblies in custom lengths or with custom fittings. Let us know what you need.

Stainless Steel Pull-Out Assemblies

Model ━ SAE Flare Coupler ━ Length ▼
S6-MF-48 38 in 48 in
S8-MF-48 12 in 48 in
S10-MF-48 58 in 48 in
S6-MF-36 38 in 36 in
S8-MF-36 12 in 36 in
S10-MF-36 58 in 36 in

Brass Pull-Out Assemblies

Model ━ SAE Flare Coupler ━ Length ▼
4-MF-48 14 in 48 in
6-MF-48 38 in 48 in
8-MF-48 12 in 48 in
10-MF-48 58 in 48 in
4-MF-36 14 in 36 in
6-MF-36 38 in 36 in
8-MF-36 12 in 36 in
10-MF-36 58 in 36 in