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COCX-7020-S Green Surface

Condenser Coil

The Packless COCX-7020-S coil is designed for 20 ton systems. Packless condenser and water-source heat pump coils provide efficient heat transfer while minimizing fouling. This coil is part of our High Efficiency Green Surface product line. This particular model comes with mounting brackets.

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Condenser Diagram


Model COCX-7020-S
Capacity 20 ton
Outer Shell Carbon Steel
Inner Tube 90/10 Cupronickel
Overall Length 22 116 in
Overall Width 18 34 in
Overall Height 17 78 in
Dimension A (See Drawing) 15 14 in
Dimension B (See Drawing) 3 38 in
Dimension C (See Drawing) 3 78 in
Dimension D (See Drawing) 20 34 in
Dimension E (See Drawing) 1 12 in
Dimension F (See Drawing) 16 12 in
Refrigerant Inlet Connection 1 58 in (OD)
Refrigerant Outlet Connection 1 58 in (OD)
Water Inlet Connection 2 58 in (OD)
Water Outlet Connection 2 58 in (OD)
Maximum Refrigerant
Working Pressure
650 psig
Maximum Water
Working Pressure
500 psig